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All in person classes are postponed 

 Online  classes are available   

​​Kids & Teens Classes

Combo Art: Students will work on 3-D & 2-D art projects. Clay is instructed one week, then drawing and painting the next. It’s a great way to learn many creative methods using different art mediums and materials.  This class focuses on encouraging self-expression, and is suitable for kids ages 5-12.

Sketch: This course introduces the elements and principles of art to improve drawing skills while encouraging individual creativity. The instructor will guide the class through different black-and-white drawing techniques, building confidence and independence as each student learns how to start and successfully finish their own works of art. The students can then expand on the instructor's teachings, creating more unique pieces that are completely original.

Teens Sketch: This well-balanced class is designed to introduce students to all formal elements and principles of art while encouraging individual creativity. Each month, the instructor will hold a step-by-step tutorial to demonstrate the selected technique of the month. The students will then be allowed to expand on the instructor's teachings, creating a more unique piece that is completely original.

Sketch for OCSA Portfolio Preparation:    This is the most serious Drawing & Sketching class. Designed to prepare students who are applying to art schools, this class operates like a "boot camp" that starts with the basic drawing fundamentals and finishes with advanced techniques over the course of a semester. It is also individualized to a degree in order to focus on each student's application and goals.

Clay /Sculpting:  Explore the possibilities of clay! Build a basic understanding of clay and hand-building techniques, like coiling, pinching and slab building. Learn how to apply glazes, under-glazes, and acrylic paints to complete your artwork.

Drawing/Painting: For anyone who loves to draw and paint, or wants to learn. Study color theory, composition, color mixing, and more by painting different subjects and improving basic drawing skills. Every month, we will approach a different art form .

Teens Drawing & Painting:  Are you ready to take painting to the next level and find your unique style? This class is a good fit for those who would like to express themselves and create one-of-a-kind artwork. This is a great class to build your academic portfolio as well.

Digital Painting Workshop:  

BEGINNERS DIGITAL PAINTING: An introduction to digital painting that also maintains traditional fine-art drawing skills. In addition to daily sketchbook prompts, the class will be guided step-by-step through a wide variety of digital projects based on different subjects, styles and techniques. The goal is for students to gain a better understanding of art software capabilities and tool settings so they can eventually create their own digital paintings by themselves.

ADVANCED DIGITAL PAINTING: Added by popular demand, this class is an extension of our 2019 Summer Digital Art Workshop!Experienced digital artists will learn professional concept design and advanced digital illustration techniques that stretch beyond the basics of digital painting. Students will accumulate industry tips and tricks that will elevate their artistic foundations to new heights while also challenging their creativity in a fun-yet-educational environment.

DIGITAL PAINTING FOR HOMESCHOOL STUDENTS: This specially-designed course for home-schooled students will start with a thorough introduction to the basics of digital painting and end with more advanced illustration techniques. The class will teach students how to apply traditional art elements and principles to a new set of digital tools, exercise individual creativity by exploring many different subjects, styles and techniques as well as maintain traditional fine-art drawing skills through a series of daily sketchbook prompts.

*Students must supply their own hardware (i.e. tablets, stylus pens, etc.) and bring all charging devices to every class. For best results, pressure-sensitive pens are highly recommended but not necessarily required. All students must use the Adobe Sketch app at first (free for download in your device's app store) but will later be allowed to use other digital painting software of their choice. 

Kids & Teens Art Classes for Home School
Join the Studio H family and enroll in our new Friday morning Art Program! Homeschoolers have an opportunity to discover hidden talents and allow their creativity to shine. Students will explore a wide variety of 2D and 3D art projects in different medias, from sketching, drawing, painting to sculpting. The course will focus on encouraging self-expression while also introducing the formal elements of art and principles of design. Instructors will teach foundational art techniques that will challenge students’ creativity: from master studies to free-form and original creations. Every project is unique and will be comprehensive with the California State Art Standards. Students will receive individual attention and step-by-step direction in a supportive, encouraging environment.  

Kids & Teens Portraiture
Cameron will be teaching drawing techniques while focusing on portraiture. Class will begin with a warm-up to exercise individual creativity. Each month, students will practice different techniques to improve basic portraiture skills. Using these skills, Cameron’s students will explore realistic portraiture and character building. 

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